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September 2011

Recording of “What is Meditation?” Talk

Hi Everyone, Please find below a recording of a free talk that I did last week entitles “What is Meditation, and the Role That it Can Play in Transforming Our Life”, Enjoy! I have placed a resume of the talk content beneath the recording. Yours in the spirit of the journey, Toby [Audio clip: view […]


How to Meditate on Gratitude

Why Should we Meditate on Gratitude? What are we Trying to Achieve? The function  and purpose of meditating on gratitude is to train our attention in such a way that even when we are under pressure and feeling unhappy in some way we never lose sight of the things in our life that are there […]


On the Three Types of Relational Love and How to Integrate Them Into Your Life

What does it mean to be expressing love fully in your relationships? There are many ways to answer this question, but one answer deriving from classical sources is that you should aim to have three types of love functioning fully in your day to day interactions with others and yourself. These types of love are […]


The Three Purposes of Meditation

Different people come to meditation for different reasons. In recent times meditation has come into public awareness as a method for dealing with many stresses and strains that contemporary life places us under. Traditionally meditation has been used as a method for communing with the divine and seeking enlightenment. A third use of meditation has been as […]