Stress Relief and the Stress of Meditation

Therapeutically meditation has gained a reputation for helping manage stress, and there is a lot of hard evidence to support this. There is no doubt that learning to relax the mind through meditation can help enormously in dealing with stress.

However, one thing that is not so well publicized is that meditation can actually be a cause of another type of stress, developmental stress. When you start to meditate you are increasing the creative power of your mind, and also unlocking many of the latent abilities that you carry within your consciousness. As your creative power and inner abilities begin to grow and develop this naturally gives rise to developmental stress, which basically means the healthy stress that comes from growing and changing.

So when you meditate there is always this balance to be found between the stress that you are relieving through your mediation, and the healthy developmental stress that you are invoking through your meditation. Finding that balance is an art that all practicing meditation need to understand.


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