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December 2011

Can Meditation Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose?

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a relaxing and fulfilling Christmas and Boxing day, I had a very pleasant time, just about the right balance of sociability, good food and quiet reflection! With the new year approaching I my thoughts have been turning (like many people) to what I would most like to focus on […]


Reconnecting to a Sense of Wonder (Our Goldilocks Planet)

Hi Everyone, This week’s article focuses on generating a sense of wonder, which is a desirable internal condition for enjoying and appreciating the Christmas season! Last week’s meditation class on “Going from no self to the expanded self” is now available as a recording, if anyone is interested in obtaining a copy you can go HERE. Finally, you […]


The Gateway to the Expanded Self and to Universal Love and Compassion

Hi Everyone, This week’s article gives some basic pointing out instructions for how we can transform our ordinary, deluded self sense into the universal or expanded self sense of a Bodhisattva, someone whose primary motivation is to liberate all living beings from their pain and bestow upon them lasting freedom and happiness. It is a […]


What Does “Spiritual” Really Mean? (And What it Does Not Mean!)

Hi Everyone, This weeks creative meditations article looks to gain a little clarity with regard to the meaning of spirituality which is certainly not the easiest of topics to pin down! Underneath the article you can find the details of the final meditation class of 2011, which I have entitled “From no self to the Expanded […]