Seven Aspects of Building a Sacred Spiritual Practice in Your Life

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This week’s newsletter takes as its theme some of the different factors that need to come together in our life to cultivate a sense of the sacred in our life.

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Seven Aspects of Building a Sacred Spiritual Practice in Your Life

Within the context of this article, when I refer to “the sacred” what I mean is the following definition, which I also used in my past article on “Mindfulness of the Sacred”:
“Sacredness, or sacred awareness is a state of mind where we are simultaneously aware of the wholeness and universality that pervades all life, whilst at the same time having a sense of the preciousness of our own unique individuality, and how the flowering of that individuality is continually cared for and nurtured by God/the creative forces of the Universe/the Tao (or insert expression of choice)”.

So, what are the factors that you need to build into your life in order to cultivate a sense of the sacred? Here is a list that I came up with when thinking about my own spiritual practice. I would not call it a ‘definitive’ list in any way, but I think it is a living list, and each of the seven points aims to offer a doorway to a particular experience of the sacred.

  1. Set aside time in your day to connect and cultivate a sense of the sacred– Want to get fit? Then of course you need to set aside time for exercise. Want to cultivate the sacred in your life? Creating spaces in your life where the focus for however short a time is the sacred has to be a priority. What time slots within your own schedule can offer you this opportunity.
  2. Open yourself regularly to the eternal, the nameless, the formless, the empty, the silent, the unknowable.
  3. Regularly try and expand your circle of care and concern as far beyond the boundaries of your own skin as you can.
  4. Cultivate a sense of forgiveness, letting go, a sense of laying down our burden, and our burden of guilt.
  5. Cultivate a sense of the divine or sacred in first, second and third person. The divine in the first person means a sense of the sacred within yourself. The divine in second person means a sense of the sacred in your relationships with the otheror others in your life. The divine in the third person means a sense of the sacred in the objective universe and nature that surrounds us. Putting all three together (rather than just on and leaving the other two out) dramatically increases the potential power of our sense of the sacred in our life.
  6. Connect to the sacred in the sense of divine playfulness, humor, celebration, bliss, lightness, life as a cosmic drama or theatre show.
  7. Cultivating a sense of preciousness and of paradox. Try and see yourself, the opportunity of your life, and all the people whom you share the space of your life as being precious, and it all being a precious opportunity. Simultaneously and without feeling it to be a contradiction, cultivate a sense of the Universes’ “divine indifference” to you, and of your insignificance and expendability in the face of the cosmos as a whole.

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