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May 2012

Darkness Emerging as Light

Hi Everyone, Instinctively we shun difficult and dark emotion in our search for happiness and wellbeing. But what if the secret to finding really dynamic, enlightened happiness was to be found within those dark emotions themselves? This weeks article explores this idea. Yours in the spirit of darkness as light, Toby     Article of the […]


Dark Goddess, Bright Goddess, Weaver Goddess

Hi Integral Meditators, Seems like there is a lot of new and regenerative energy around these last two weeks or so, after a month of everything seeming to drop out of my life, sure enough here comes all the new growth taking advantage of the new space! One of the main paradigms that I use for this mysterious […]


Compassion as Wealth

  Gaining the Inner Wealth of Compassion Compassion is a foundational building block of our inner wealth and peace of mind. However, it can be a difficult quality to improve consistently over time. In this article I look at three reasons why it can be difficult to keep developing our compassion sustainably, and three ways that […]