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June 2012

Transforming Our Attachment into Care

The Tibetan tantras invite us to transform our attachment into a mind of “great bliss”, and in doing so take one of the main causes of our bondage to delusions and change it into a cause of enlightenment. What is a mind of “great bliss” sounds pretty exciting and pleasurable right? To experience an authentic state of […]


Going From Deluded Pride to Divine Pride

What is deluded pride? Deluded pride is quite simply a view of ourself that considers us to be more important or significant than we actually are. It causes us a lot of pain because when we are filled with pride we are vulnerable to the criticisms of others and to our own insecurities (indeed deluded pride […]


Fertilizer for the mind and body – Using the Energy of Negative Emotions

Hi Everyone, I hope this newsletter finds you well, this weeks article is a practical meditation technique for working with the energy of negative emotions, which is a theme that I will be building on in articles over the next few weeks. Yours in the spirit of the ongoing journey, Toby Article of the Week: Fertilizer […]


Living by the Light of Your Own Mystical Vision

Hi Everyone, This weeks article is a little bit of a reflection on how mystical vision is something that we all partake of, and how we can go about integrating our own mystical expereinces a bit more into our own daily life. Enjoy! Yours in the spirit of the journey, Toby Upcoming Classes Thursday Morning Qi […]