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September 2012

Mind of Ease Q&A: What to do When you are Overwhelmed by Negativity

Press play below to listen to the Mind of Ease 15minute Q&A Session on “What to do when you are overwhelmed by negativity”: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Alternatively you can download the recording onto your computer by right clicking here: Mind of Ease Q&A Sept 2012 Here is a summary of the […]


Recognizing Three Types of Fear, Meditating on three Types of Courage

Dear Toby, Many of the daily challenges we face require dealing with a certain degree of fear, and generating an appropriate degree of courage. The article that I have written below tries to place fear and courage in a particular framework which will help people think about how they can start dealing with fear and consciously […]


The Key to Dealing with Stress, the Challenge of Dealing with Anxiety

Dear All, How are you? This weeks article looks at the perennial themes of stress and anxiety, and takes what I think is a relatively new or at least novel approach to the issues that you may find interesting! Yours in the spirit of an appropriate relationship to stress and anxiety, Toby The Key to […]


The Energetic Dynamics of Love

Dear Everyone, This weeks article looks at the inflow and outflow of love in our life, and how we can start to make conscious, meditative adjustments to improve this flow for the better, I hope you enjoy it. Yours in the spirit of benign flow, Toby   The Energetic Dynamics of Love The fundamental energy […]


Building the Inner Power of Your Mind – Gross Subtle and Formless Objects of Meditative Concentration

The nature purpose of training in concentration The meaning of concentration in a meditative context is similar to the mainstream usage of the word; it simply means to develop the ability to focus our mind upon one object or task single pointedly without distraction. Developing concentration through meditation has many benefits, whether you simply want […]