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March 2013

Four Levels of Integrated Compassion and How to Practise Them

Dear Integral Meditators, As it is the Easter weekend I thought it might be nice to continue the theme of compassion from last week’s article, but this time look at four types and levels of compassion that, if we understand them can help us to develop our compassion in an integrated and holistic way. In the […]


Building Your Compassion and Reducing Your Own Suffering, Everyday

Dear Integral Meditators, I hope you are enjoying the run up to the Easter weekend, I’m currently in the process of planning the classes and workshops for the last couple of weeks in April, which will be about developing an integral perspective on meditation as a practice for physical, mental and spiritual healing, I should have the details […]


Re-Contextualizing Our Biological Fear

Dear Toby, This weeks article looks at biological fear, and how we can work to mindfully re-direct its functioning in our mind so that it is working for us rather than against us in our life. This re-directing of our biological fear and learning to relax into a mind of safety and ease is one of the topics […]


Emotional Detachment, Emotional Repression – The Difference

Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article looks at a basic skill for anyone wanting to develop a healthy and harmonious consciousness; the ability to avoid repressing emotion when trying to detach from it! As you can see below I have included a couple of basic diagrams to try and help with the explanation, hopefully you’ll find that they help […]


Four Types of Mindful Coaching Conversation

Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article looks at one basic integral coaching model that I use both in my own coaching work and for my personal inner growth, it is simple by it has a lot of depth and nuance to explore. The main meditation classes and course for March are the ongoing Shadow Meditation Classes, and the three […]