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May 2013

Three Types of Attention: Neutral, Constructive and Catalytic

Dear Integral Meditators, I hope this weeks newsletter finds you well, and that you have had a good week. The meditation and mindfulness article in this weeks edition of the integral meditations newsletter looks at the quality of our attention and the effect that it can have on our enjoyment of life or not. I’ve […]


Dealing With Energy Stress

Dear Integral Meditators, Is there anyone who is not under some form of energy stress these days? It seems like there are so many things that can take up our time and energy these days that learning to make effective use of what energy we have has become an essential survival skill in today’s world. […]


Zen Meditation – Seeing Without Naming

Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article explains a Zen meditation technique that I teach in my Zen walking meditation workshops, the next of which is coming up next Sunday May 19th May, so if you like what you read, there is a chance to get out and practice it then if you like! On the walking meditation theme, […]


Your Attention as Your Object of Mindfulness

Dear Integral Meditators, The theme of this week’s integral meditations article is quite simple, but at the same time often difficult to do. It is this; if you can control your attention then you can control the way in which you experience your life. We can’t always choose the way our life turns out, but we always have […]