A Blueprint for Mindful Productivity (Plus new video on Mind of Ease Meditation)

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You may think of ‘productivity’ as  word that you would associate more with your professional development that your individual personal development, but in the article below I look at how our individual happiness is also dependent to a degree upon our productivity, and how we can create a win-win relationship between our personal happiness and professional growth.

Beneath the article you can see that I have placed the full information for the Mind of Ease Meditation Online Course. You can view a ten minute video that I have created where I talk in some detail about the relevance and effectiveness of the Mind of Ease Meditations HERE.

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Your Blueprint for Mindful Productivity

Productivity is the act of supporting our existence by translating our thoughts into reality*, our ideas into objects and products, of bringing knowledge, goods and services of all kinds into existence though our creativity.

We should be interested in productivity as individuals because productivity gives rise to achievements, and this in turn gives rise to a particular type of happiness and confidence.
As employers and members of organizations we should be interested in teaching ourself and others in the organization productivity, because it will help to give rise to a successful, confident and happy organization that people will want to work in and stay in.

So what are the building blocks of productivity, and how can mindfulness help nurture it? Here are a few practical thoughts:

1. We need to be having creative thoughts, and to believe that we are capable of such thoughts – In all of the major domains of our life we need to realize that we are creative agents, and that what we do makes a difference. In our relationships, at work, in our leisure activities we need to challenge ourselves to think intelligently about what we want, and then act productively on those ideas to make them a reality.

2. We need to believe something that comes from ourself can be worthwhile – Ask yourself the question “Do I really believe that an idea that I have can be of real value and make a difference in the world?” If you really believe that then productivity and manifestation will be a natural extension of your belief. If deep down you don’t believe in yourself and the power of your ideas, then even if you have the most amazing ideas they are going to get lost behind a myriad of excuses and distractions. It’s actually ‘easier’ to just become a consumer rather than a producer, but by becoming so we deny ourself so many fundamental forms of happiness.

3. We need to measure how many of the creative thoughts we have make it into reality each day – So we’ve decided we are going to really believe in the power of our ideas (not easy to do on a deep level), and we’ve decided to become a producer. Then you need to ask yourself the question each day “How many thoughts and ideas have I translated into reality today?” You literally look at how many of your thoughts you have actually translated into the domain of our everyday reality.

  • If you are an aspiring poet, that means writing something
  • If you are a marketer it means communicating your message to your audience, today
  • If you are a teacher like me, it means producing materials that can be taught and then inviting people to participate

What productive activity have you done today?

4. We need to appreciate that which we produce – Don’t let your achievements go unnoticed. Don’t finish one thing and then immediately go onto the next. Savor it first; allow the pleasure of your own productivity to feed and nurture your being so that you can sustain enthusiasm for the process.

5. Rinse and repeat each day until it becomes a part of the fabric of how you operate
Being mindful of points 1-5 above is your basic blueprint for sustainable productivity each day. Remember, you’re not doing it to please someone else (although it might), you are doing it because you are choosing to take pleasure in your own productive power, the power you have to be a cause in life, not just an effect.

*Paraphrased definition from ‘Honoring the Self’ by Nat Branden, chapter 12 on Rational Selfishness.
© Toby Ouvry 2014, you are welcome to use or share this article, but please cite Toby as the source and include reference to his website www.tobyouvry.com 


Meditations for Developing a Mind of Ease, Relaxed Concentration and Positive Intention – A Five Module Online Course


Beautiful SpringDates: Begins Thursday 23rd October

Time: This is a five week online course, those participating will be given the link to the course webpage plus a password. Each week starting on Thursday23rd of October a module will be uploaded.

Venue: Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate in this course from the comfort of their living room. All you need is online access!

One sentence summary: This five module online course offers a contemporary, practical introduction to meditation and mindfulness that aims to integrate the fundamentals of traditional meditation practice with contemporary insights from psychology and neuro-psychology in a powerful and effective way.

Meditation and mindfulness are, simply put, ways of training our mind and attention to focus consciously upon objects that give rise to inner wellbeing, harmony, and happiness.

View video of Toby talking about the Mind of Ease Practices HERE

What you will learn on this course:

Practical meditation and mindfulness techniques that:

  • Enable you to consciously release unwanted tension and anxiety from your body-mind and transform your relationship to stress.
  • Help you to build a warm, friendly and supportive relationship to both yourself and others
  • Train your mind to take in, focus upon and appreciate the positive in your life
  • Develop your concentration skills (the ability to focus one-pointedly upon a single object/task), and in particular a special type of relaxed concentration, or lucid awareness
  • Enable you to connect with and relax deeply into an experience of inner stillness
  • An increased capacity to use your mind effectively without getting overwhelmed by mental busy-ness

All of these skills can be consolidated into a daily meditation practice that can be done in ten minutes!

The Structure of the course:

Thursday October 23rd – Module 1: Meditating on Ease, Flow and Presence – This opening module looks at how to create an experience of deep mind-body relaxation and flow by:

  • Connecting to three levels of ease (physical, mental and spiritual)
  • Understanding  how to release stress and tension that accumulates in our mind and body during the day and re-energize our body through focus on the breathing
  • Learn how to orient our mind in the present moment, giving our life a deeper sense of centeredness and balance even when experiencing challenges

Thursday October 30th – Module 2:  Meditating on Warmth, Friendship and Care – The meditation tools taught in this module aim firstly at learning to direct feelings of warmth, friendship and support toward the person whom we spend 24 hours of our day with; ourself! Once we have developed a stable, friendly and harmonious relationship to ourself, we can then expand and develop our feelings of warmth and care toward others; our family, our friends, all humans and eventually to all living beings. Achieving a stable experience of love, warmth and compassion is only possible with a very stable inner base, and this stable base is what we focus upon mindfully developing in this module.

Thursday 6th November – Module 3: Meditating on Appreciation, Positivity and Enjoyment

The ability to consistently approach challenges and events in our life from a positive and appreciative perspective is an essential mindfulness tool for enjoying our life deeply. All too often we lose sight of the good things that are right in front of us because our mind is pre-occupied and obsessed with the things we perceive as “wrong”. The methods taught in this module aim to address our natural “negativity bias”, and create strong mental habits that facilitate feelings of appreciation, gratitude and enjoyment.

Thursday 13th November – Module 4: Developing Focus and Concentration through Meditation – A fragmented, distracted state of mind seems to be the norm in the midst of our current, frantic pace of life. The meditation techniques taught in this module specifically address how we can develop the skill of focused, lucid concentration amidst all the distractions and busyness that calls for our attention. Developing focus and concentration not only has the benefit of making us more effective in achieving our goals, it also gives us access to an experience of deep regenerative peace that we can rest in as we travel our life’s many and varied pathways.

Thursday 20th November – Module 5Meditating for Inner Stillness and Insight – This module focuses on how we can discover the natural “inner stillness” and silence of our mind and experience what a profound and life changing effect it can have  upon the quality of our life. We learn the skill of resting easy in the natural inner space of our own awareness, and the discovery of a deeper level of ourself known in meditation terms as the “bare witness observer”. On a simple level the discovery of inner stillness and the bare witness observer enables us to meet our daily challenge with greater equanimity and presence of mind. On a deeper level inner stillness and the inner witness opens us to a deeper level of meaning and context for our life, awakening us to a new dimension of who we are and what we might be capable of becoming.

This final module also introduces an integrated meditation practice that combines the skills of all five modules into a single short meditation.

Cost of Workshop: Launch Price Sing$59! Rising to Sing$75 on 27th October,


Special Offer: Buy Mind of Ease Online Course together with the Mind of Ease 3 Hour Workshop for $150! (save $55)


To register or for further enquiries: Email info@tobyouvry.com, or sms 65-96750279


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