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March 2015

How Much Energy Should You Focus on Being Focused?

Dear Integral Meditators, What would the effect upon your life be if you spent even a short period of time each day developing your ability to focus your mind single pointedly on just one thing? The article below asks this question and encourages us to take up the practice of mindful focusing!If you enjoy the […]


Willpower as Your Object of Mindfulness

Dear Integral Meditators, Willpower is an extremely important domain to be mindful of because the way in which we use or abuse our willpower in life has a major bearing on both the quality and the quantity of what we experience and achieve. The article below considers how we can start making better use of […]


Acceptance & Forgiveness – The Difference

Dear Integral Meditators, In some situations it seems like we are faced with a choice of either forgiving and letting go of something difficult that has happened to us, or holding onto it and continuing to experience anger, grief and negativity about it. But is there a third option? The article below examines the relationship […]


The Laughter of the Young and the Ancient

Dear Integral Meditators, What if when something in your life went seriously wrong, the first thing that you did was laugh open-heartedly? Perhaps there is a part of us that already does, and the article below explores how to connect to him/her/it! This Saturday if you are in Singapore we have two meditation workshops, do […]


The Way to Deal With Feelings is to Feel

Dear Integral Meditators, Our relationship to our feelings is one of the dominant factors that determines our quality of life. The article below offers a few mindful pointers for how we can develop a good long term relationship to the way we feel, even in the face challenging and difficult emotions. Yours in the spirit […]


Mindful Work Effectiveness Secrets (From an Ex-Monk)

Dear Integral Meditators, Coming to the world of business from being a monk was not easy for me. The article below explains a bit about how I started to use what I had learned as a monk to become effective in my daily work as a business person running my own company. Yours in the […]