Trampoline Time Bending (Meditating in the Twilight State)

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As your own meditation and mindfulness practice develops, you will notice that you start to become aware of more and more different ‘mind states’ (or states of body-mind-and-heart) that you learn to access at will. The article below considers the twilight state, what it is and why it is of meaningful use to us.
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Trampoline Time Bending (Meditating in the Twilight State)

The twilight state is the space we experience in between being awake and being asleep. You know that open, spacious, dreaming state of mind you are sometimes aware of before you fall asleep? That’s the one. It is also sometimes called the limnal (meaning ‘threshold’) or hypnagogic (transitioning from sleep to waking) state.
The twilight state is an entry point to the inner world of dreams and the dream world. It is a state of mind that is used a lot in shamanic and other ‘journeying’ forms of meditation. The interesting thing about it is that it is a state where time; past, present and future are much more flexible.

Trampoline Time Bending
A couple of weeks back I was lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. My body relaxed and I entered into the twilight state, substantially loosing awareness of my physical body and drifting in space. I then found myself in a room with blue padded walls with a bunch of young guys who were running around frenetically, bounding around with huge strides. ‘Well, that is completely bizarre, I’ve never seen anything like that in my life!’ I thought to myself before I fell asleep.
The next day I went with my daughter to a trampoline park in a different part of town. As we walked into the warehouse I saw the trampoline room; the walls were covered in blue padding. I went into the park, at the back there was a section dedicated to dodge ball, following my daughter in, I found myself surrounded by jumping boys, all whom decided that, since I was the only adult there, that they should mob me and throw their dodge balls at me!
One aspect of the twilight state, and one that I experience quite often is that I see places and events that I then experience physically the next day or few days.

Moaning to Mum
Another relatively recent experience in the twilight state I had was an experience of myself feeling a bit depressed and moaning to my Mum about what I was going through. At the time I did not feel depressed, but sure enough over the next few days I went through a low patch.
The useful thing about seeing the experience in the twilight state was that I could then anticipate the mood coming, and so when it came I was ready for it, and so there was no need for me to actually moan to my Mom about it (Hi Mum!)

Swimming with sharks
In my sitting meditations I had been doing some work with sharks (see animal meditation article). During the twilight state waiting to fall asleep I found myself ‘sitting’ in a reef in the ocean. A large shark came to meet me (which was frankly a little unsettling at first), but then after I had settled down and figured it was friendly we went for a swim together visiting some underwater landscapes and places I understood to be of significance. The difference between a twilight state experience and a ‘regular’ meditation vision is that the experience is entirely spontaneous and very real, like a vivid dream.

As your own meditation and mindfulness practice develops, you will notice that your capacity to do your own time-bending and visioning in the twilight state increases quite naturally. This has very real practical benefits, but it is also very fun!

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