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August 2016

Happiness or impulse fulfilment?

Dear Integral Meditators, In this day and age when so many of our impulses can be fulfilled at the click of a button or browser, managing your impulses mindfully is an increasingly important life skill. The article below looks at how we can distinguish between impulse fulfilment and actions that lead to genuine happiness. In the spirit […]


Finding your neutral gear

Dear Integral Meditators, What would happen if instead of your mind thinking all the time, you were able to find a ‘neutral gear’ that you could shift it into whenever you wanted or needed? This weeks article explores how to do this, and the value of it. Quick reminder that my new book ‘Engaged Mindfulness‘ […]


Toby’s new book ‘Engaged Mindfulness’ is out!

Dear Integral Meditators, I’m really happy to announce that my new book ‘Engaged Mindfulness – What mindfulness is and how we can apply it to our daily lives’ is out! I’ve been writing blog articles on meditation and mindfulness or a long time now, this first book of mine looks specifically at some of the […]


The freedom of limitation

Dear Integral Meditators, If we normally think of limitations as an obstacle to our freedom, how can deliberately creating limitations in our life paradoxically help us find the freedom that we crave? The article below explores this theme! In the spirit of liberated limitation, Toby The freedom of limitation One way of thinking about meditation […]


Finding the center of the wheel

Dear Integral Meditators, Do you have to still your mind to experience inner stillness and centeredness? The article below explores how to mindfully sustain the experience of stillness amidst all the busyness and activity of your mind and daily life…. If you are in Singapore, the Wednesday meditation class re-starts this evening! In the spirit of mindful […]


Practical Rapture (On rapture, beauty and mindfulness)

Dear Toby, Rapture is a state of mind and body that we all experience sometimes, the article below explores how we can build our experience of it through mindfulness, and then start putting it to use… In the spirit of rapture, Toby Practical Rapture (On rapture, beauty and mindfulness) Rapture –  a state or emotion of […]