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September 2016

Dualistic appearance – What you see, and what you think you see

Dear Integral Meditators, What you think you see and what you actually see are two separate things, often going on simultaneously. The article below explores how this happens in our life, why its important, and how we can start to work with it mindfully. In the spirit of clear vision, Toby Upcoming Courses at Integral […]


Three ways of saving and building energy with mindfulness

Dear Integral Meditators, These days, with so many ways in which we feel our energy is under pressure from distraction, the pace of life and the task of ‘keeping up’ what can mindfulness offer to help? The article below explores this theme in a practical way… Last couple of days to catch the Special Offer for […]


Using your senses to support your mind

Dear Integral Meditators, When you are in a mental tangle, one of the simplest ways to untie yourself is by returning to your senses. The article below explains how! In the spirit of coming to our senses, Toby Using your senses to support your mind We all know the expression ‘when s/he came back to […]


Just tea/solve no problem

Dear Toby, How can drinking tea help us understand mindfulness? What would happen if you practiced the discipline of  ‘solving no problem’ regularly? These are the topics of the article below… For those in Singapore, a reminder of this coming Thursday’s Free book talk on Engaged Mindfulness at 7.30pm, all are most welcome! If you have been thinking […]