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October 2016

Body-heart-mind scanning

Dear Integral Meditators, Is it possible to release physical, emotional and mental stress in a single practice? This weeks article is principally a description of a meditation technique for doing just that, and implicitly building a stronger, more resilient body-mind connection within yourself. In the spirit of an integrated body,mind and heart, Toby   Body-heart-mind scanning If […]


Two types of choice-less awareness

Dear Integral meditators, This weeks article focuses on two different ways of being mindful of your choice-making process. In the spirit of choice-less awareness, Toby Two types of choice-less awareness What is your current relationship to making choices in your life? In traditional Buddhist mindfulness practice practicing ‘choice-less awareness’ means to witness whatever comes up […]


Mindfully dropping (and picking up) your story

Dear Integral Meditators, We all have a story, or a history. Is your story and the story that your telling yourself helping you or hindering you in your life? How can mindfulness help you to develop a constructive and enjoyable approach to your past? The article below considers these questions… In the spirit of mindful […]


Creating a unified body-mind (No future)

Dear Integral Meditators, The achievement and experience of a unified body-mind is one of the biggest pleasures of practising mindfulness. It also has huge practical benefits in terms of building our real-time inner strength and resilience. The article below explains a simple method you can start practising yourself…. Final reminder for those in Singapore of the Engaged Mindfulness […]