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November 2016

Building resilience through love (Live & online mindfulness courses with Toby in December)

Dear Integral Meditators, What if I told you one of the best ways to build your inner strength and resilience was through love? From tomorrow there will be the opportunity to participate in a three module course on mindful love and loving. It can be done both live (if you are in Singapore) and online […]


Relaxing your way to enlightenment

Dear Integral Meditators, What is the relationship between relaxation and enlightenment? Is it possible to do both at the same time? The article below explains a mindfulness practice for doing just that; relaxing your way to an experience of your own enlightened nature! In the spirit of the journey, Toby Relaxing your way to enlightenment […]


Becoming mindfully unfocused

Dear Integral Meditators, It’s tough to keep focused these days, when there are seemingly so many things demanding our attention. In the article below I explain a method that I use for regenerating my mental energy and willpower when they are feeling a little run-down… In the spirit of soft focus, Toby Becoming mindfully unfocused […]


Being the center of your universe (not the universe!)

Dear Integral Meditators, There’s a big difference between being the center of the universe and the center of your universe. The article below explores how to make mindful use of your position in the big scheme of things! Final reminder for those in Singapore of this Saturday’s Tree of Life meditation workshop… In the spirit […]


The Yin & Yang of mindful thinking

Dear Integral Meditators, Managing your basic┬áthinking processes is one of the most important life-skills that you can develop. The article below explores one simple mindfulness method that can really help! For those in Singapore, quick reminder of the Tuesday evening class starting on the 8th! In the spirit of the thought filled journey, Toby The […]