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April 2017

How to mindfully thrive with today’s stress (safety & fear)

Dear Integral Meditators, Integral mindfulness & meditation aims to create positive relationships between different elements of our mind, so that they can support each other and help us become more resilient. The article below uses safety/ease & fear/anxiety as a practical example. In the spirit of resilience, Toby PS: This weeks live stuff in Singapore; […]


‘Linear breathing’ – De-fragmenting your flow of time

Integral Meditators, Mindfulness could be thought of in some ways as a de-fragmentation process for your mind and attention. the article below explores how, specifically with reference to our sense of time. In the spirit of de-fragmentation, Toby PS: Final call for those in Singapore for Meditations for creating a mind of ease, relaxed concentration and positive […]


Bare attention – developing your inner ‘bird-watcher’

Dear Integral Meditators, Some meditation and mindfulness practices get more complex as we become better at them. Others stay simple, but continue to grow in depth. The practice of bare attention explained below is an example of the latter, a simple practice that stays simple, but grows in depth. In the spirit of mindful observation, […]


Mindfulness, beauty & slowing the effects of ageing

Dear Integral Meditators, Youthfulness and ‘staying young’ is something that a lot of people are concerned with for many different reasons. The article below explains how mindfulness can help us age slower, more gently and more gracefully. In the spirit of beauty, Toby Mindfulness, beauty & slowing the effects of ageing If you look at […]


Technology & why mindfulness is now a necessary skill

Dear Integral Meditators, You may have noticed that mindfulness has really caught the public eye over the last few years. One reason for this is that it really is custom-made to help us negotiate the demands of the technological age in a healthier manner. The article below considers why. Beneath the article to will see […]