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August 2017

Nurturing your natural intelligence and natural dignity

Dear Integral Meditators, One of the most important & enjoyable benefits of being mindful is accessing what I call your natural intelligence & natural dignity. The article below explores how to understand & develop these two skills experientially. In the spirit of natural dignity, Toby Nurturing your natural intelligence and natural dignity Today I want […]


Liberating your Personal Power

Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article is another from my archives. It used to be on my ‘mental fitness blog’ when I had it. Apart from a few tweaks, it is the same, as I still agree with what I wrote (Nice when that happens!) If you can understand intelligibly what personal power is, then […]


Trap of wishing you were somewhere else

Dear Integral Meditators, Whilst on holiday I’ve been looking through some old articles for a ‘mental fitness’ website I used to have that now no longer exists. This weeks articles is one of those that I enjoyed re-reading and editing a little. The original full title was ‘Why you need to commit to what is […]