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September 2017

Applying the Three C’s of Engaged Mindfulness

Dear Integral Meditators, The ‘three C’s’ are three qualities you can apply to your mindfulness practice to make it more engaged, effective & creative. In the article below I explain how to begin… In the spirit of engaged mindfulness, Toby Applying the Three C’s of Engaged Mindfulness In my book Engaged Mindfulness I outline ‘the three C’s […]


Enlightenment as a chase

Dear Integral Meditators, Its possible you might think of enlightenment as a process of sitting down, going within and finding your inner peace. But what if it were a chase where you had to run, jump, be alert, be fast, be awake? The article below explores this possibility! In the spirit of the chase, Toby […]


The web of time & the intuitive present

Dear Integral Meditators, We normally think about time as being in a straight line, running from past to present to future. but what it it were more like a web? The article below investigates how we can begin to meditate on the web of time, and the intuitive present that is its gateway. In the […]


Dipping under & dancing within time

Dear Integral Meditators, A lot of the mental stress that we feel is based upon our experience of time, so approaching the way in which we experience time mindfully, consciously & with awareness is really important. The article below explores practical ways of beginning to do this. Toby PS:  For those in Singapore, tonight’s and […]