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October 2017

The Gifts & wounds of Our Ancestors

Dear Integral Meditators, Happy Samhain & All Hallows eve (aka Haloween) everyone! Its a great time to sit down & do a bit of reflection on our genertic & spiritual ancestors. The article below offers a few pointers for gentle contemplation. Those in Singapore, if you fancy doing a meditation on the subject then do […]


The art of developing a mindfully thick skin

Dear Integral Meditators, As you may know the expression ‘having a thick skin’ refers to being psychologically strong enough not to be hurt by the insults of others. The article below explores how we can develop a ‘mindfully thick skin’ & combine the benefits of being mentally strong with being emotionally sensitive and open. Enjoy! […]


Asserting Positive Selfishness

Dear Integral Meditators, For most people the word ‘selfish’ has exclusively negative connotations. The article below explores the important idea of ‘positive selfishness’ & how using it mindfully is a really important life-skill! In the spirit of the journey, Toby Asserting Positive Selfishness What is positive selfishness? Positive selfishness is the recognition that you have […]


Am I happier now than when I was a Buddhist Monk? (Repetition and inner growth)

Dear Integral Meditators, How much do you value your happiness? How much of it is in your hands, as opposed to fate? How much effort does it really take to become consistently happy in the way you ‘want’ to be? In the article below I share some of my own story and experience on this […]