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December 2017

Light reborn from darkness (Winter Solstice meditation 20/21 Dec)

Dear Integral Meditators, I hope you are enjoying the run up toward Christmas! In the article below I share a meditation practice that I use quite a lot at this time of year s a way of aligning myself with the seasonal energies, I hope you enjoy it! In  the spirit of the solstice & […]


Two Meditation Gateways (& Online Winter Solstice meditation)

Dear Toby, As we head gradually toward the end of the year I’m sharing an article I wrote about twelve months ago  on ‘Two meditation gateways’. These two gateways are nice places to  sit with at this slightly more reflective time of year. In  the spirit of balance & renewal, Toby Two Meditation Gateways These are […]


Breathing from your belly, ducking under your thoughts

Dear Integral Meditators, Effective meditation can often be based around a simple technique. In the article below I describe one practice that has delivered enduring value for me over the days, months and years. Enjoy trying it out! For those in Singapore, a heads up for the Integral meditation & mindful walking deep dive half day retreat on […]