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March 2018

So how do you still your mind?

Dear Toby Ouvry, You may have heard that meditating means to still the mind, but how do you actually do that, and what are the benefits? The article below considers these questions, and offers a simple practice you can do anytime! At this Tuesday & Wednesday‘s meditation class we will be doing a class on stilling the mind, so […]


‘Going through the motions’ as a mindfulness tool

Dear Integral Meditators, You may have heard or even experienced how mindfulness makes you more productive and increases your potential for success, but how does this actually work in practice? The article below gives a practical example… In the spirit of quiet power, Toby PS: Live in Singapore this week: The Tuesday & Wednesday evening meditation classes this week is the Spring Equinox […]


Combining your beginners mind with your experienced mind

Dear Integral Meditators, The ‘beginners mind’ is a fundamental concept in mindfulness and meditation, particularly in Zen practice. The article below explores how you can go about combining your beginners mind with what I call ‘your experienced mind’, in order to create something that is better than both! In the spirit of new beginnings and […]


What is spiritual practice? And why bother engaging in it?

Dear Integral Meditators, Back in 2010 I did a course on ‘Essential Spirituality’. Below are some edited notes on what spirituality is, and what having your own spiritual practice offers you in terms of  value. It also has a practical meditation at the end that you can start working with! Live in Singapore this week: The Tuesday & Wednesday evening […]