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August 2018

Making your body your castle (And watch Toby’s Mindfulness TedX Talk!)

Dear  Integral Meditators, This weeks article gives some simple mindful suggestions for bringing real stability to your life, literally, and even when under pressure! Also, I recently discovered that a TedX talk I gave on mindfulness is up on the web. Its a pretty decent 15min primer on the vision of engaged and integral mindfulness, do have a view! In […]


Simple, or aware, or positive, or creative

Dear  Integral Meditators, In this weeks article I outline four ways of paying attention that, if you get really good at will render you largely impervious to intimidation from any of the current challenges in your life. Enjoy! In the spirit of attention, Toby   Simple, or aware, or positive, or creative What are we […]


Two fundamental mindfulness and meditation questions

 B Dear  Integral Meditators, What are important questions that you can use to greatly improve your meditation and mindfulness practice, whatever level you are at? The article below offers two… Two fundamental mindfulness and meditation questions One fundamental mindfulness question that you can ask yourself is “What is the way in which I am paying […]


Incremental Breathing – Relaxing and energizing at will

Dear  Integral Meditators, How can you use your breathing consciously to both energize and relax yourself at will? The article below offers a simple, easy to practice technique. For those in Singapore, a reminder that the weekly evening meditation classes start again this week, full details here. This Saturday we also have a new  Qi gong meditation […]