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December 2018

Relaxing into your potential – Renewal meditation & recording

Dear  Integral Meditators, I hope your winter Solstice and Christmas breaks are going great! We’re now in that little pocket of time between Christmas and the new year. Here’s a half hour meditation on renewal that I recorded in class recently (click to listen and/or download). It’s one that I really enjoy and find useful. A basic […]


Stabilizing your pyramid of consciousness

Dear  Integral Meditators, What is the simplest, stabl-est and most basic way to stabilize your mind and attention? The article below explores one answer to this in a practical way. In the stability, Toby Stabilizing your pyramid of consciousness Within your field of awareness, you have three basic areas; your senses, your feelings and your […]


Mindful of your moods, emotions and dispositions

Dear  Integral Meditators, In the the foreground or background of each moment you experience, there is a mood, emotion and ‘atmosphere’. The article below explores how to start working with these mindfully in your life. If you enjoy the article, then do consider coming down to this Saturday  mornings’ group coaching session, where we will be […]


Access your brain’s ‘zero space’

Dear  Integral Meditators, Article below four practical ways of clearing and calming your perception using awareness of the body and brain. They’re very simple to use, and once you know what they are, you can use them to good effect anytime! In the spirit of clear perception, Toby Engaged Mindfulness book is on a special […]