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June 2019

Still water that moves – Meditation for greater creativity

W After we learn to still our mind, we then move onto another stage in meditation where we experience a heightened state of creativity. It becomes like “Still water that moves, and moving water that is still”. Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article explores how to access deeper creativity through meditation, and explains a simple […]


Four mindful questions, four times a year

B Dear Integral Meditators, Asking questions to yourself mindfully and reflectively, without hurrying, can be a very useful way of resetting your energy, and moving forward with greater clarity and purpose. The article below outlines four that I ask strategically during the year. In the spirit of thoughtful questions, Toby Four mindful questions, four times […]


Mindful of your intensity level

E “By being mindful of our intensity level we can avoid burning out thought long term over-exertion, and also avoid unnecessary under-productivity. It’s an easy way to avoid extremes and hit your ‘sweet spot’ in terms of both quality of life and productivity!” Dear Integral Meditators, What is your habitual ‘speed and intensity level’? This […]


Compassionate listening

E ‘Stilling the mind opens a space for us to listen to our inner wisdom, which is always there, but often hidden by the noise’ Dear Toby, This weeks article is on how to mindfully listen a bit better, to ourselves and others. If you enjoy the article, then do have a look at the […]