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December 2019

Finding refuge from Time Oppression – Dropping out of time and into stillness

W “One point about dropping out of time and into stillness is that we can then return to our experience of time more enjoyably and effectively.” W Dear Integral Meditators, Were in the gap now between Christmas and the new year, the article below offers a few hints on how to use the in between space […]


Strong back, soft front

W “By practicing a physically ‘strong back, soft front’ posture, we can get a feeling of what it is like to be inwardly strong and at the same time gentle on a psychological level.” W  Dear Toby, This weeks article looks considers how physical posture can invite psychological change, and how you can cultivate real […]


Understanding the ergonomics of acceptance

W “How much more ’emotionally ergonomic’ could you be if you didn’t give your negative emotions the resistance that they need to become stronger?” Y Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article looks a bit closer at what mindful acceptance looks like, how it helps, and how you can start practicing. In the spirit of acceptance, […]


Allowing & Participating – Rethinking ‘being in control’

W “By mindfully combining allowing and participating we can control things better, without feeling the need to be so ‘in control” M  Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article offers a couple of practical thoughts on how to re-frame our idea of being in control in a way that means less stress and more effectiveness. This weeks Wednesday […]