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January 2020

Mindful of your inner artist (Being solar not lunar) article & video

W “The ‘mindful artist’ first of all notices that their thoughts, actions and interactions are creative, fundamentally. The next position they take is to choose to direct that creativity in a deliberate way so that s/he ‘creating’ the best things that they can in your life” W Dear Integral Meditators, What does it mean to become the ‘artist of your […]


Combining your Beginners Mind & your Wise Mind

W “There is an art to combining your beginners and experienced mind that will enable you to be successful in your chosen endeavors, as well as derive more pleasure and enjoyment from them”  W Dear Integral Meditators, As we sit in between the Western new year and the Chinese Lunar year, it can be an interesting time […]


Connecting to your circle of strength

“Open to the feeling of being supported as you go about your day; recognizing that you are not alone in the world, and that you have genuine support available to you at all times” W Dear Integral Meditators, Mindfulness in and with your relationships can be genuinely transformative.  This weeks article looks at one way […]


Meditation images for new year renewal (Plus new Qi gong and Men’s group courses)

W Dear Integral Meditators, W Its the beginning of the new year, a good time to focus on possibilities, potential and our beginners mind! . The article below explores three simple images that we can use to do this using the power of images and the imagination. The first meditation of the year is the 2020 New year releasing […]