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April 2020

Meditation recording – Think well or don’t think (& new visualization & qi gong meditation)

Dear Integral Meditators, Here’s this weeks guided meditation, you can read more about the practice in the article below, essentially its how to practice three mindful positions around your thinking: 8 minute power meditation on thinking well or not thinking Lots of new online sessions coming up, including Sunday Qi gong light body meditation, a visualization masterclass, […]


Controlling the future

W “On a practical level I find that if I am being effective in the moment, then what I do tends to set up ‘waves’ of energy where a good, successful and/or unexpectedly pleasurable future emerges alive and well from the here and now” Dear Integral Meditators, The unpredictability of the future is a big […]


Guided meditation for emotional wellbeing

Dear Integral Meditators, Here is an eight minute guided meditation that is designed to help you cultivate your emotional wellbeing, strength and harmony: 8minute power meditation on emotional wellbeing It explores two positions essentially: Becoming aware of and acknowledging emotions that are present in order to process them more fully Connecting to energies within landscape […]


Traveling while staying indoors: How to meditate with landscape

Dear Integral Meditators, How can you travel while staying indoors? This is a good question to ask! I’ve been meditating on landscape for decades now. Its a simple way to enjoy meditation time, and often a surprisingly quick path to deep meditation states. Here’s a 25minute guided meditation on how to meditate on landscape from […]


Guided meditation recording: Three aspects of the positive mindfulness game

Dear Integral Meditators, Here’s a 10 minute recording of Three layered meditation practice to help you build your mindful positivity. It combines focusing on sensory, emotional and cognitive objects, to help you build a more resilient approach to your inner wellbeing! In the spirit of staying well, Toby Article: Meditation – Life as a positive mindfulness game What […]