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June 2020

Environmental & relationship meditation, plus schedule for July!

Dear Integral Mediators, You can find below all the details of classes and sessions for July, both Online and live. The next event is the Online Monthly Full Moon Meditation & Manifestation Session on the 5th July, but as you can see below there is a lot of variety this month! In the spirit of the journey, […]


An undistracted mind

“At the end of the day one of the major keys to an undistracted mind is to commit to living your life on purpose!” Dear Integral Meditators, What do we mean by distraction? And how can we get better at living an undistracted life? The article below explores these questions in a practical way! In […]


Meditating like a baby – Six breathing meditations

“Consciously make your breathing as soft, even and harmonious as you can, and your mind will settle more quickly in meditation” Dear Integral Meditators, Everyone knows that breathing is an important part of meditation, and there are many ways to do it. The article below explores six different techniques you can try, as well as how to […]


Mindful of emotions: 2 short videos (& Summer solstice medi this weekend)

“Relax into your stress, rather than contracting away from it”  Dear Integral Meditators, Below are two short videos (1 minute each) on how to use mindfulness to increase your emotional intelligence, enjoy! A final reminder of this  Saturday’s online Emotional Intelligence Masterclass  in the afternoon, 3-5pm. On Sunday 21st, 6-7pm there will be the annual Summer solstice balancing […]


Mindfulness around emotions

“The first thing to be mindful of around emotions is that they are important. If you feel good, then very often you experience your life as good” Dear Integral Meditators, What are the most important things to be mindful of in order to increase your emotional intelligence? The article below explores this subject!   In […]


Positive non-attachment (plus emotional intelligence & breathing masterclasses)

” To cultivate positive non-attachment is to create a kind of joyful, enthusiastic appreciation that is tempered by even-mindedness & equanimity” Dear Integral Meditators, I became a father again last week for the second time. Observing my experience, and trying to capture it made me think quite a lot about how our joys and sufferings are inextricably interlinked. […]