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July 2020

Messiness, unlabelling, unknowing

“Drop the labels that most affect your peace of mind and effectiveness in life. Learn how you can change your experience in real time around real issues using unlabelling.” Dear Toby, This weeks article explores how you can change your experience by becoming aware of and dropping your labels. Enjoy! I will be doing the Sunday […]


Meditations on the dance of gentleness and courage

Dear Integral Meditators, “Sometimes we long for strength, but sometimes the very way in which we conceive that strength gets in the way of our finding it. How might it be if we tried to express the courage of gentleness sometimes in our life rather than ‘hard’ strength that is brittle and inflexible?” Meditations on […]


Aspects of environmental meditation

“Sitting or walking, expanding your awareness to include the presence of the earth, moon, sun and stars” Dear Integral meditators, The article below explores environmental meditation, which is a real core of my own practice these days. If you enjoy the article, then I will be doing an Environmental meditation masterclass – Working consciously with the […]


Your first (&most important) relationship

“We project the health or lack of it in our relationship to self onto everything and everyone else.” Dear Integral Meditators, The article below explores how to be mindful around our relationship to self, which I always say is our first and most important relationship! In the spirit of our first relationship, Toby PS: If […]


Matching your expectation with reality (the sleeping or waking baby)

“How can I align my expectations and my reality in this situation?” Dear Toby, There are plenty of ways of building your inner peace and resilience, the article below explores one that I’ve found to be very important over the years! You can also watch my short video on the subect here. Heads up for the Mindful […]


Five aspects of high-performance mindfulness

“Committing to being self-aware, and really knowing and understanding how you function is a primary skill” Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article offers a few thoughts on mindfulness and sustainable high performance. In the spirit of the journey, Toby       Five aspect of high-performance mindfulness Over the years much of my mindfulness offering in […]