Meditations on the dance of gentleness and courage

Dear Integral Meditators,

“Sometimes we long for strength, but sometimes the very way in which we conceive that strength gets in the way of our finding it. How might it be if we tried to express the courage of gentleness sometimes in our life rather than ‘hard’ strength that is brittle and inflexible?”

Meditations on the dance of gentleness and courage mini-course

Date: Tuesday & Wednesday 28th & 29th July

This week’s Tuesday & Wednesday classes are a two session mini-course.
This course looks at ways of meditating that enable us to bring the qualities of gentleness and courage into a complementary dance together in our lives, in a way that encourages:

  • How to discover your inner strength through gentleness
  • How to become courageous in a way that uses your human vulnerability wisely
  • Meet fear and uncertainty more effectively and find confidence in the face of challenges
  • A way of relating to others and yourself that is strong and kind

There are three ways of participating in the course:

Option 1 – For free: Simply read Toby’s two articles on gentleness and courage:
Recognizing Three Types of Fear, Meditating on three Types of Courage
Mindfulness and gentleness – Three reflections

Option 2: Participate in the Tuesday & Wednesday class online for the complete course for SGD$50. If you can’t make the live sessions, you will be sent the recordings to listen to in your own time.

Option 3: Participate in either one or the other of the Tuesday or Wednesday online sessions for SGD$30

To book your place please contact Toby at

In the spirit of gentle courage,



In case you missed last weeks article: Aspects of environmental meditation

Environmental meditation, simply put, is using the different elements of our environment as objects of meditation in order to effect the transformation of our consciousness, and move us into a state of balanced communion with the Earth. It mostly works directly and experientially with what is immediately present in our surroundings. It is one of the most ancient and primal forms of meditation around, and you can find elements of it in both the eastern and western traditions.
Below are a few ways in which you can start to practice environmental meditation…
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Life-fullness – The Integral Life-Coaching Program with Toby

Are you looking a coach who can help you to:

  • Meet the challenges, stress and changes that you face in a more effective and mindful way
  • Become happier within yourself, in your relationships and at work
  • Be actively accountable for finding a sense of balance/well-being in your life and fulfilling your personal potential?
  • Guide you to find and operate from a deeper sense of meaning, motivation and connectivity in your life?

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Stress-transformation coaching with Toby

Stress, anxiety, fear, pressure, anger, attachment – Ordinarily we see these states of mind and emotion as negative; things that get in the way of our happiness and well-being, and prevent us from achieving the goals and quality of life that we would like.

But what if there was a way in which we could learn to work with these negative and difficult energies in such a way that we could transform and redirect them, making them sources of positive and empowering energy, helping us to accomplish our goals and awaken to a new level of fulfillment?

Stress transformation coaching with Toby is exactly that; it shows you how you can transform your stress, anxiety and other difficult emotions into forces for the good in your life…
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Online Integral Meditation & Mindfulness classes

Build focus, beat stress, cultivate wellbeing!

Each session involves simple practices that you can apply to make a real difference to your wellbeing and effectiveness in life…full details of classes



At a glance: All upcoming classes and workshops for at IMA:

Weekly Online class schedule

Ongoing on Wednesday’s, 7.30-8.30pm – Wednesday Meditation for stress transformation and positive energy with Toby (Bukit Timah)

Ongoing on Tuesday evenings, 7.30-8.30pm – Tuesday Meditation for stress transformation and positive energy with Toby  (East Coast)

Tuesday’s at 12.30-1.20 – Ongoing Tuesday Lunchtime meditation class @Space2B

Coming in July – High performance bootcamp: Using mindfulness to operate at your peak without burning out

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