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August 2020

Mindful keys to sustainable high-performance

Dear Integral Meditators, If you have been following my articles for a while, you will know that one main part of what I do is teaching high-performance mindfulness in Corporate and MBA settings. Recently I have condensed the course into a six-module program that I will be offering to the public for the first time […]


Finding your somatic & psychological balance

“Balancing thoughts and emotions can be tricky, as they are so fast moving and changeable. The best place to start building stable balance is in the body. If you can create the feeling of balance in the body, then you can use it as the basis of resilient psychological balance.” Dear Integral Meditators, The article below […]


Meditation – The state of things

“As meditators we are trying to develop our capacity to shift from one state of mind to another consciously and deliberately, and be able to do so at will.” Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article looks at a fundamental way of understanding meditation, and how you can start applying it to your own practice. I […]


Freedom from inner intimidation – Sitting down to tea with your stress

“If you can sit down with your most awkward, uncomfortable, fearful inner experiences, then it is almost like nothing else can really intimidate you. If you tame your inner monsters, the outer monsters change too!” Dear <<First Name>>, This weeks article explores how you can start to find freedom from the things on the inside […]