Creating singularity through imagination

“To create singularity, strongly imagine that the past and future have ceased to exist, or have disappeared. All that remains is our experience of the immediate present; what appears to our senses, and the sensations on the body”

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What if you were able to bring the energy of your body-mind into a focused, singular whole at will? What opportunities and possibilities might that open up for you? This weeks article  focuses on how we can start to do just that through meditation.

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Creating singularity through imagination

As I often say, one of the main goals of meditation and mindfulness in any form is to create an integrated body-mind. Put another way it is to create a state where our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy are in the same place at the same time, in this moment. The following are two techniques that I have been using in combination recently and have found to be particularly effective, both in mediation, when trying to sleep after having been woken, or when my mind has been scattered and I want to gather it again.

Dropping the past and future
The first technique begins as an act of imagination. We strongly imagine that the past and future have ceased to exist, or have disappeared. All that remains is our experience of the immediate present; what appears to our senses, and the sensations on the body. Whatever is still appearing mentally we just experience as a present moment phenomenon, rather than allowing it to create a movement into the past or future. In this way we gather our energy into the present moment, into a singularity where our body-mind are present to each other.

Breathing and relaxing from center
As you engage in the first technique, you may notice the energy in your physical body becoming quite uncomfortable, almost like your mental energy, that would normally be moving around elsewhere feels a little ‘trapped’.  If you then find the approximate physical center of your torso, (somewhere around the level between your heart and solar plexus) you can then use the following technique to relax into and sustain the integration of your body-mind:
As you breathe in, breathe your awareness and energy into the centre of your body. As you breathe out, relax from that centre point, feeling your energy flowing outwards. Flowing out towards the surface of your body, and out into your energy field surrounding you. Continue this pattern of breathing, inhaling into centre, exhaling relaxing from centre. Allow the energy of your body-mind to integrate together more comfortably.
An optional addition to this second technique is to imagine in the centre of your body (where you are breathing in and out of) there is a point of light and energy. Imagine that this point of light and energy is your fundamental life-force and consciousness. As you breathe in, see it glowing brightly with power and energy. As you breathe out, imagine that light and energy expanding from your core out into the rest of your body, harmonizing and calming your body-mind.

Combine the first and second techniques, using them to hold the energy of your body-mind in a state of integration and singularity in the present moment. You can rest in this state, gather your power in it, and then depart in a focused way to your next activity when you are ready.

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