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May 2021

Smiling to your inner organs meditation recording

Dear Toby, This week’s offering is a guided meditation recording of a technique called Smiling to your inner organs. It is a traditional Taoist/ Qi gong meditation technique where you learn to: Use your meditative focus to send healthy, regenerative energy to your internal organs, in order to restore their balance and health By restoring […]


Creating your own “Circle of the wise”

Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article focuses on a creative meditation that I’ve done in various forms for many years. Next weeks Tuesday & Wednesday sessions are Wesak Full Moon Meditations, which contain a variant of this meditation in it. In the spirit of the wise, Toby       Creating your own “Circle of the wise” […]


Taking the weight off your chest (Transforming sadness)

“Running from difficult emotions is a way of coping with them, turning and facing them is a way of learning to thrive off them” Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks Tuesday & Wednesday evening classes will be on transforming sadness and connecting to courage, which is the subject of the article below. The article also touches on some of the […]


Smiling meditation & your psychosomatic health

“The essential skill we are developing with the smiling meditation is to generate positive mental and emotional energy, then direct it into the physical body for the purposes of emotional and physical healing” Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article explores one of a main technique for physical and emotional healing; the smiling meditation. The article also […]