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April 2022

Inner strength – Gathering your energy into one place

Dear Integral Meditators, This week’s article that aims to use playful techniques to build different but complementary dimensions of our inner strength. Enjoy! The themes in the article are some that we will be exploring in this weeks Tuesday & Wednesday class.  You are welcome to join us at both events, either live or online. In the spirit […]


Letting things come to you

“It’s worth noticing then that sometimes we can get a good way to getting what we want by noticing what’s around us, and then letting things come to us, rather than running after them” Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article is a contemplation on how to work mindfully with the limitation on your life in […]


Honesty, enemies, friends, mindfulness – Three ‘warrior meditations’

“The invitation is to look at ourself and our life and embrace it fully, to accept it in an un-reserved and pro-active manner. When we ‘love our fate’ in this way we look honestly at the difficulties of our life, and open to them”   Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article focuses on three short […]


The freedom of awareness

“If our freedom is our awareness, we gain our freedom by choosing to focus, to remain conscious, even when large parts of us want to run away from what we are seeing and experiencing.”   Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article focuses on liberation through awareness.  If you enjoy it, then it will be the […]