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June 2022

The way to silence

“The way to silence ….is to meditate. And what is the way to meditate? To be silent!” Dear Integral Meditators, Silence is a skill that you could build basic competence at if you devoted 5mins a day for the next month to it. Are you up for the challenge? Read the article below to get started! In the […]


The illusion of evasion, distraction, suppression

“Evasion, distraction and suppression can make us feel like we are escaping our inner-problems in the very short term, but we pay a heavy long-term price. By facing, accepting and embracing our inner discomfort our efforts are rewarded with deep confidence as we gradually become more and more courageous” Dear Integral Meditators, Running away from […]


The quickest way to de-stress

“The quickest way to de-stress…is to stop thinking about yourself“ Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article is an ‘instant insight’ type piece, if you get it, a lot of good things follow! It also aims to give some context for the practice of dropping the self, it is designed to strengthen, not weaken our overall, […]