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Enlightened Flow

Wake, up, Grow up, Clean up, Flow

Dear Integral Meditators, Sometimes when we think of flow states there is the idea that they should be somehow effortless, stress-free and easy. In the article below I describe a state of flow that I’ve called enlightened flow which needs a certain amount of  effort-fullness before it can become effortless. I hope you enjoy it. If you […]


An Enlightenment Visualization

Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article uses a series of six simple images to try and communicate the basic enlightenment experience. In June I’ll be doing a workshop on meditation for cultivating the enlightenment experience, this article is one way of exploring this space. I’ll be facilitating the three hour Mindful Self-Leadership workshop again on the 7th June […]


Enlightenment and the Call to Awakened Creativity

Dear Toby, Those of you in Asia I hope you had a nice holiday yesterday as Wesak, or Buddhas birthday was celebrated. The article below is the result of my own reflections on the creative process of enlightenment, thinking about the Buddha in particular. Final call for those who may be interested in the 3 hour Mindful […]


Enlightened Imperfection

Dear Integral Meditators, Are you on a quest for enlightened perfection? This weeks Integral Meditations article explores what enlightened perfection looks like (or doesn’t look like) and how we can start to use it to embrace our own imperfection and the imperfection of the world. It is kind of a complementary take to the midweek article on […]


That Which Solves All Your Problems and None

Dear Integral Meditators, All of us crave a final solution to all our problems, a place where we can go and find true peace. The good news is that such a solution it always available to us in each moment.  The challenge is that after we have solved all our problems in this way, we […]