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Meditation and Art

Three Types of Creativity Arising From Mindfulness and Meditation

Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article focuses on mindfulness and meditation in relation to our creative capacity, and how we can enhance three types of creative power within ourself through regular mindfulness practice. Enjoy! Yours integrally, Toby Three Types of Creativity Arising From Mindfulness and Meditation One of the simplest ways to start understanding how […]


Meditating on the Music of the Mind

Hi Everyone, This weeks newsletter article describes a meditation form that I am very fond of; meditating on the inner music of the mind. The basic technique is quite simple, but the practice itself has many different levels, so I hope you enjoy exploring it! Yours in the spirit of the inner music of the […]


Leveraging More on Your Inner Creativity – Meditating on the Four Stages of Creative Energy Cycles in Your Life

All of us are fundamentally creative, and contain within us the spark of spiritual “Eros” which impels us toward acts of creativity in our life. WHAT we create depends upon the cycles and patterns of creativity that we set up or built as habits. What I want to do in this article is outline the four […]


Reflecting on the Relationship Between Art and Meditation

Here are three areas and life lessons that meditating and making art both teach: Close Observation Most of us think we know what the world looks like, but if we examine this assumption we learn it is not as true as we thought. For example if you try and draw a tree you discover that […]