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Why Meditate on & with Animals?

I was asked the other day why I continue to guide workshops and classes on meditating with animals, given that to some of my client group it may seem a bit ‘strange’. Here are a few reasons to consider why meditating with animals is of great value, with a short practice at the end to […]


Tom and Jerry Mindfulness (Cartoon Character Positive Attitude)

Dear Integral Meditators, How long does it take you to bounce back from psychological challenges? Are there unconventional methods that can help? The article below explores this theme, as well as the wisdom of Tom and Jerry! Some of the themes from the article I will also be exploring on this Wednesday July 22nd 7.30-9pm  a the Integral Meditation […]


Letting Ideas Grow Mindfully Though You

Dear Integral Meditators, Why meditate? One reason worth thinking about is that it is a way of keeping yourself creatively energized by learning to tap into deeper levels of our collective consciousness. The article below explores this theme… Two workshops in Singapore this Saturday, details are immediately below! In the spirit of Toby Letting Ideas […]


A Blueprint for Mindful Productivity

Dear Integral Meditators, You may think of ‘productivity’ as  word that you would associate more with your professional development that your individual personal development, but in the article below I look at how our individual happiness is also dependent to a degree upon our productivity, and how we can create a win-win relationship between our […]