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The web of time & the intuitive present

Dear Integral Meditators, We normally think about time as being in a straight line, running from past to present to future. but what it it were more like a web? The article below investigates how we can begin to meditate on the web of time, and the intuitive present that is its gateway. In the […]


On boredom, creativity & ‘mindful fishing’

Dear Integral Meditators, How can being mindful of our boredom make us more creative and enhance the quality of our life? The article below considers the answer to this question in a practical way. In the spirit of ‘mindful fishing’, Toby PS: New schedule of live classes and workshops is out, check out the list below […]


Becoming mindfully unfocused

Dear Integral Meditators, It’s tough to keep focused these days, when there are seemingly so many things demanding our attention. In the article below I explain a method that I use for regenerating my mental energy and willpower when they are feeling a little run-down… In the spirit of soft focus, Toby Becoming mindfully unfocused […]


Practical Rapture (On rapture, beauty and mindfulness)

Dear Toby, Rapture is a state of mind and body that we all experience sometimes, the article below explores how we can build our experience of it through mindfulness, and then start putting it to use… In the spirit of rapture, Toby Practical Rapture (On rapture, beauty and mindfulness) Rapture –  a state or emotion of […]


Mindfulness, Meditation & Non-Ordinary Reality

Dear Integral Meditators, Its the Easter weekend, which is potentially a time for a little bit of deeper reflection, so this weeks article focuses on the relationship between mindfulness, meditation and altered states of mind. I hope you enjoy it! On a slightly different note, you can see a 15 minute video of me talking about […]


Trampoline Time Bending (Meditating in the Twilight State)

Dear Integral Meditators, As your own meditation and mindfulness practice develops, you will notice that you start to become aware of more and more different ‘mind states’ (or states of body-mind-and-heart) that you learn to access at will. The article below considers the twilight state, what it is and why it is of meaningful use […]