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Mindful Resilience

If you feel properly you will think clearly

Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article describes a simple but profound meditation process for bringing your thoughts and feelings into a state of integration and harmony. When our thoughts and feelings are on the same page, it opens up a whole new dimension of both happiness and effectiveness within us. Yours in the spirit of […]


What Constitutes the Good Life? – Looking a bit deeper

Dear Integral Meditators, In order to experience the ‘good life’ I really believe that we need to go beyond our superficial ideas of positive and negative, pleasure and pain. In the article below I explain why. Final reminder if you are in Singapore of the Mindful Resilience Workshop on this Sunday, 21st September in the morning. Anyone […]


Non-resistance – Tapping into A deeper level of relaxation

Superficially relaxation exercises relating to mindfulness might look quite simple, almost to the point of superficiality, but in reality the capacity to become and remain deeply relaxed consistently in life is a profound achievement. Why so? Because to be able to remain truly and deeply relaxed in the face of all the nonsense that everyday […]


Why Mindfulness Primes You for Success

Dear Toby, What would happen to your enthusiasm and commitment to mindfulness and meditation practice if I were to convince you that practicing it gives you the greatest chance for success in your chosen endeavors, both professionally and personally? In the article below that is exactly what I try and demonstrate to you. The mindful resilience courses that I am putting on this month, […]


Developing Your Mindful Resilience

Dear Integral Meditators, How resilient are you to the pressures of life? What are the factors that you can introduce into your mind in order to increase your mental resilience? This weeks article looks at how mindfulness can help with this.With this in mind I’ve decided to launch in September an online course that I […]


Mindfully Deepening Your Inner Resources

Dear Integral Meditators, When you think about deepening your inner strength and resources perhaps you think about developing a new set of skills or reading about a new practice. Using mindfulness you can deepen your inner strength and resilience simply by being more fully conscious of what you already know. This weeks article looks at how […]