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Mindful Self-Leadership

What is Self-Awareness?

Dear Integral Meditators, Self awareness is one of the foundation tools for both mindfulness and meditation in general, and Mindful Self Leadership in particular. As the article points out, self awareness is relatively easy to understand, not quite so easy to do! Yours in the spirit of self awareness, Toby What is Self-Awareness?  Self Awareness is a commitment […]


Enlightened Imperfection

Dear Integral Meditators, Are you on a quest for enlightened perfection? This weeks Integral Meditations article explores what enlightened perfection looks like (or doesn’t look like) and how we can start to use it to embrace our own imperfection and the imperfection of the world. It is kind of a complementary take to the midweek article on […]


That Which Solves All Your Problems and None

Dear Integral Meditators, All of us crave a final solution to all our problems, a place where we can go and find true peace. The good news is that such a solution it always available to us in each moment.  The challenge is that after we have solved all our problems in this way, we […]


Curiosity, Courage and Care – Cornerstones of the Mindful Encounter

Dear Integral Meditators, This weeks article is an exploration of the mindful encounter – what it takes to stay truly alive and curious to our own life path each day. I hope you enjoy it! The article also explores three of the core components of Mindful Self-Leadership. Wishing you all the very best for the […]


Leaping Like a Tiger: Mindful Self-Leadership

Dear Integral Meditators, What sort of ideas spring into your mind when you think of the words self-leadership? Integral Meditation Asia is excited to bring you three opportunities to learn about mindful self-leadership this May! Before I talk more about that, just a quick reminder for anyone interested in the‘Meditating with the Tree of Yoga – […]


Enlightenment, Persistence and Knowing What You Really Want

Dear Integral Meditators, Do you really know what you really want? This weeks article offers a few points for contemplation on this subject. In case you missed the midweek article, you can click here to read about:  Meditating with the Tree of Yoga – A Twelve Module Online Course for just Sing$39! (Limited time offer) The offer is […]