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One Minute Mindfulness

Saying and Giving Thanks

Quite often the temptation can be when we are feeling out of sorts, lonely or unfulfilled in some way to look for something self-centred and pleasurable with which we can indulge ourselves and therefore (we hope) feel better. One of the things that I have been doing when I have been feeling out of sorts […]


Grateful for a Home to go Back to Each Night

Commuting home on an evening in a city like Singapore the temptation can be to try and ignore the fellow travellers on the bus or metro and go back into your shell. On with the ipod and try to forget you are surrounded by people. Last night I was not in the mood for doing […]


Computer Mindfulness

My home computer is very slow. Today things reached a bit of a head for me, I was working at home and getting very frustrated by my computers ever increasing slowness, the more I tried to do, the slower it got! I found the answer after taking a break for 20 minutes. I adopted a […]


Stress Relief and the Stress of Meditation

Therapeutically meditation has gained a reputation for helping manage stress, and there is a lot of hard evidence to support this. There is no doubt that learning to relax the mind through meditation can help enormously in dealing with stress. However, one thing that is not so well publicized is that meditation can actually be a cause of […]