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Positive anger

Is calmer always better?

Dear Integral Meditators, Is the goal of meditation and mindfulness always to make you calmer? The article below considers this question from a number of angles that are important to consider in our day to day practice… In the spirit of dynamic calm, Toby For those in Singapore, this weeks Tuesday & Wednesday class will be meditating […]


Fertilizer for the mind and body – Using the Energy of Negative Emotions

Hi Everyone, I hope this newsletter finds you well, this weeks article is a practical meditation technique for working with the energy of negative emotions, which is a theme that I will be building on in articles over the next few weeks.   Yours in the spirit of the ongoing journey, Toby Article of the Week: […]


Darkness Emerging as Light

Hi Everyone, Instinctively we shun difficult and dark emotion in our search for happiness and wellbeing. But what if the secret to finding really dynamic, enlightened happiness was to be found within those dark emotions themselves? This weeks article explores this idea. Yours in the spirit of darkness as light, Toby     Article of the […]


Act your rage – Three useful ways of thinking about and using your anger

One of the things that was emphasized in my Buddhist meditation training (and this holds true for most contemplative spiritualities) was that there is really nothing useful about anger, it was entirely destructive. This is further backed up by statements such as “one moment of anger is enough to destroy the merit (good karma) that […]