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Zen Meditation

The Eternal Present and the Four Types of Time

Hi Everyone, How do you think of time? It is one of three major aspects of our experience (the other two being space and energy). Often as not we think of time as being just one thing, but in reality it is much more than that. In the article below I outline four major aspects of […]


Finding Your Best Response to Anxiety – An Existential Perspective

Hi Everyone, This week’s article focuses on existential anxiety. The discovery of the idea of existential anxiety has been I think the most informative and transforming single factor in my approach to the challenge of anxiety over the last year. It has really made a big difference to the way I see and experience myself […]


Zen Flowers, Zen Doorways

Hi Everyone, This week’s newsletter looks at Zen meditation practice from two lenses, firstly there is the class this coming Wednesday 22nd February entitled “Zen and the Flower of Life” which looks at Zen practice from the perspective of the original teaching of the Buddha from which Zen meditation is said to derive. Secondly, this week’s meditation […]


The Four Types of Present Moment Awareness

Hi Everyone, Wishing you all the very best for the upcoming Chinese year of the water dragon, which I believe starts today! Please find below an article detailing not one but four types of present moment experience that we can cultivate, I hope you enjoy it! Yours in the spirit of presence and being present, Toby   […]


Zen and the Liberating Power of Non-Duality

Hi Everyone! The focus of this week’s newsletter is Zen meditation. Zen below you can find information on a workshop I will be doing this coming Wednesday evening 18th of January on “An Introduction to Meditation from the Perspective of Zen”. Beneath that I explore in an article the practice of non-duality as seen from the perspective of Zen meditation. […]