Soul Portrait Art by Toby

Paul the Venetian (437 x 600)Soul Portraits are a special form of art work developed by Toby that are representations of the information of & in your aura. Your aura is the subtle energy field around & within your body-mind that contains information about who you are, what your life’s potential & purpose may be, what your strengths and good qualities are, as well as what meaningful challenges that you may face in your life.

Toby is a trained artist (holding an honours degree in Fine Art from the University of Newcastle–Upon-Tyne) who has also spent eighteen years training his inner vision & senses through a meditation & mindfulness practice that includes five years as an ordained Buddhist Monk within the Tibetan Tradition.

What you will get if you order an Soul Portrait for yourself, a family member or a friend:

  • A full colour, hand crafted Soul Portrait artwork created by Toby.
  • A full set of “artists notes” (either written or recorded) detailing the meaning of the images, colours & symbols in your soul portrait.

Interested in commissioning your own Soul Portrait? Please email:

or phone on 65-96750279 to find out further details.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: “I got it!  And I love it! I didn’t have any expectations and I found a wonderful surprise waiting for me in the green tube  …and I truly enjoy reading your notes on my Signature. It resonates with me deeply.” Click HERE to read other client testimonals.

Prices and size options:

For an Individual Soul Portrait:

For an A4 size (297x210mm) portrait Singapore $280

For an A3 size (297x420mm) portrait Sing $420

For an A2 Size (594x840mm) Sing $640

For Couples* (Ideal for weddings, Anniversaries and Valentines!):

For an A4 size297x210mm portrait Sing $370

For an A3 size 297x420mm portrait Sing $530

For an A2 Size (594x840mm) Sing $790

*Actually Toby has done anything up to five people (family groups mostly) in a single portrait. For two or more people the price remains the same as the couple portrait pricing above.

The Portraits will be sent to you by registered post.


Soul Portrait selection from 2014

Soul Portrait selection from 2013
Soul Portraits from first three months of 2011 
Soul Portrait Exhibition September 2011
Soul Portraits from January-July 2010

Soul Portrait selection from 2009

Soul Portrait selection from 2008

Soul Portrait selection from 2007-2008

Soul Portrait selection from 2006-2007

Couple’s Soul Portraits

Examples of early Soul Portraits 2004-5

An Explanation of the Soul Portrait Process

Soul Portrait Questions & Answers with Toby