Soul Portrait Client Testimonials

LBuddha 600pix“I commissioned Toby few years ago and recently a book cover.  Toby is gifted in his drawings and mostly in facilitating and perceiving the energies and particular signature every soul carries.  I was most impressed by the over the phone guided meditation which took me quite quickly into a deep state.”

“Toby’s art work is genuine and spiritual; his clarity and ability to perceive into the soul reflects a clear channel capable of remaining detached and objective.  I feel that Toby’s work will continue to expand and bring through Solar Signatures/Symbols as well as frequencies from the Cosmic Musical Keyboard.”



“I got it!  And I love it! I didn’t have any expectations and I found a wonderful surprise waiting for me in the green tube  …and I truly enjoy reading your notes on my Signature. It resonates with me deeply.”


“Thank you so very much. I received my soul portrait this evening….What a marvellous God given talent you have — thank you very much for sharing it with the world.”


“Thank you for very beautiful and amazing artwork!”


“Just wanted to drop you a line to say that the portrait you did for me arrived today – my Birthday!!

I absolutely love it. It is very beautiful, so thank you, so much!”


“Well I love the portrait. It doesn’t surprise me that there is so much ‘earth’ centre to it, or that the planetary elements of kundalini might appear – not that I practice this specifically but I have been doing do much drawing in of energy from the cosmos in the past year.  I have an earth sign and truly feel I could lie down on the ground  and feel the connection to all that is (and do) at random times of the day.  The stars in the earth are a lovely idea – like we can pull them down into our own mirrored selves rather than wait to be shiny enough to mirror them!

Initially I felt I was so not pink and blue lady!  But I like that love and its redeeming flow (both out and away as I’ve experienced in family matters in the last few years) is there and the growth appears from that and I like that too.  My work is practically creative with kids and stems from all that is learnt from the complications of my own children’s challenges, as well as traditional knowledge.

I also saw the bottom three quarters as trapped a little by the representations of the stars – and the top very free – and like to think that my days of being trapped by emotions and judgment and guilt might be behind me!

Thank you – I shall cherish this and wish you and yours a wonderful year ahead.”

“Thank you so much for the portrait and the insights. I will be using the artwork on my web site and in my business papers etc.”


When I saw the image you sent me, my first response was “Oh my God ! it’s stunning !” It’s even more complicated than I thought it will be. Even my friend who had seen it, first impression was “it’s complicated”. The actual portrait, which I just received today, is even more beautiful. I like it very much. Thank you for making my soul portrait !!! I think it really reflect who I am.

In Chinese, my name Y means jade (green) and M when written in Chinese is actually the sun and moon together. In my Bazi chart, I am a weak water element  surrounded by a lot of fire element. So it is interesting that these colours appear in the drawing. Very recently a healer said she saw a lot of green in my aura which represented Archangel Raphael. So you have confirmed that for me in the drawing. I had been thinking of changing my career path and even though I have plans thought out, I lack the courage to leave my comfort zone. Had been thinking of that for past few years, but the desire seems stronger now. The blue and black will definitely be the sky and the sea I see everyday when I am working on the ship.

I like the artist note which you attached and the explanation is well thought out. The above is my personal observation which you would not have known.

Once again, I would like to thank you for the portrait. 🙂 – RY

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