Soul Portrait Questions & Answers with Toby

melchizedeck (424 x 600)Why am I passionate about Soul Potraits?

I am passionate about Soul Portraits because they enable me to represent the inner worlds of energy and the creative imagination with an outer work of art that people can appreciate and connect to.

It gives me a chance to help people develop an awareness of these inner worlds, to appreciate their significance and derive healing and inspiration from them

What makes them different from other forms of art?

Soul Portraits are different from other forms of art in that they attempt to directly represent our inner qualities, potentials and beauty through the colours, lines and images. They do not attempt to be outwardly representational, but inwardly representational of the person’s inner being.

What was the deciding factor for you to create Soul Portraits?

I was looking for a way of making art that reflected both my formal training as an artist and my inner training as a meditator. There are currently not many art forms out there that openly acknowledge the realities of subtle energy, and I want to create art that encourages people to open their minds to this arena of our natural human experience.

Who are these Soul Portraits for? And who are your best clients?

Ideally I enjoy creating Soul Potraits for people who value  owning beautiful artwork that gives them personal inspiration and insight into their inner energy and potentials.

What benefits can parents-to-be get if they have an Soul Portrait done for their yet to be born child?

An Soul Portraits for a child yet to be born performs a function perhaps a little bit like an astrological reading, giving insights into the fundamental qualities of the soul about to be born, and give the parents some useful indicators about how they can help the child to flourish and be happy as they grow up.

Apart from that there is also the aesthetic and poetic value of having an artwork commissioned that is dedicated to a child, kind of like a way of celebrating the entry into the world of the new human being!

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