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Meditating with your ancestors

“Our ‘spiritual’ ancestors, those that we feel related to in terms of shared values, experience and interest. Sometimes we can feel as close of not closer to our spiritual ancestors than our blood ancestors.” Dear Integral Meditators, Becoming aware of this and working with our ancestors is an important dimension of our spiritual practice that […]


Gateway to a new beginning

“When we practice our beginners mind, we are recognizing the value of maintaining lightness and playfulness in life”  Dear Integral Meditators, What would be different in your life if you were able to approach each day with fresh eyes, and open to all that may be possible? This weeks article focuses on how to develop […]


Combining your Beginners Mind & your Wise Mind

W “There is an art to combining your beginners and experienced mind that will enable you to be successful in your chosen endeavors, as well as derive more pleasure and enjoyment from them”  W Dear Integral Meditators, As we sit in between the Western new year and the Chinese Lunar year, it can be an interesting time […]