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On boredom, creativity & ‘mindful fishing’

Dear Integral Meditators, How can being mindful of our boredom make us more creative and enhance the quality of our life? The article below considers the answer to this question in a practical way. In the spirit of ‘mindful fishing’, Toby PS: New schedule of live classes and workshops is out, check out the list below […]


Letting Ideas Grow Mindfully Though You

Dear Integral Meditators, Why meditate? One reason worth thinking about is that it is a way of keeping yourself creatively energized by learning to tap into deeper levels of our collective consciousness. The article below explores this theme… Two workshops in Singapore this Saturday, details are immediately below! In the spirit of Toby Letting Ideas […]


Wolf Therapy – The Subtle Dimensions of Meditation and the Mind

Dear Integral Meditators, What if there were an endlessly creative and imaginative aspect of your mind that you could learn to tap into at will? The article below explores how you can discover this domain by developing the the subtle dimension of your meditation practice. The meditation workshop this Saturday afternoon is an exploration of […]